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The First Wanglaoji•Weibo All-Star Vlog Contest Launched: a New Model of Marketing through Vlog

2019-06-21 151 browsing

The First Wanglaoji•Weibo All-Star Vlog Contest Launched

Recently, Vlog has become very popular among young people. Used by more and more entertainment stars, Vlog has become another trendy concept on social media due to its relatively long duration compared with short video and experience-focused content about oneself. Vlog has become the code word for youth, fashion and trendiness.

This summer, after Wanglaoji announced that Zhou Dongyu and Zhang Yixing became its brand endorsers for 2019, Wanglaoji began to spread the brand idea of "the hotter the weather is, the more I want to go out", which coincided with young people's desire for self-expression. As the first brand marketing through Weibo Vlog, Wanglaoji works with Weibo to initiate the first Wanglaoji•`Weibo All-star Vlog Contest that calls for fashionable and trendy young people to go out and record their hobbies and show their understanding of their own life. This contest is another important marketing strategy Wanglaoji adopts by means of entertainment.

On the afternoon of June 19, Wanglaoji and Weibo jointly held an offline press conference of "First Wanglaoji •Weibo All-Star Vlog Contest" at Sina’s headquarter in Beijing, officially announcing the start of the contest.

Ye Jizeng, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health Industry Co., Ltd., Wang Yajuan, senior vice president of Weibo, Chen Yiyi, general manager of Sina Entertainment, and many media guests attended the press conference.

Deputy General Manager Ye Jizeng of Wanglaoji Health delivered a speech at the press conference.

Vice President of Weibo Wang Yajuan Delivered a Speech

Later, popular star Huo Siyan and Yinger shared their Vlog experiences and thought at the press conference. They said that Vlog could record the life of stars unknown to the public in a comprehensive way and that Vlog had become a useful tool to record their life so that fans could know more about and have better interaction with them.

Next, Yinger, a representative of entertainers, Zhang Ben, a representative of entertainment reporters, Yi Ting, a representative of Wanglaoji, Magma Wu, a sales representative, and Chang Jiang, an industry expert, launched a round-table conference on Vlog to discuss the commercial value and user value of entertainment stars’ Vlogs.

At the conference, all parties expressed their insightful views. In the era of mass UGC, Vlog provides a better sense of experience in demonstrating the creator's daily life and the values and life styles of different groups of people, which has attracted more young people of Z Generation who are also the so-called "social newcomer", the core target customers of Wanglaoji. Vlog is bound to be the next hot topic on social media. As the most influential social media platform in China, Weibo currently has 6,000 certified Vloggers who upload an average of 10,000 Vlogs on a daily basis covering 60 areas of interest. These Vlogs are rich in content and widely disseminated. It can be predicted that when Wanglaoji, a popular product on the Internet, works with influential Vloggers who have a large number of young fans, it will certainly do a much better job in brand marketing with the high marketing value of Vlog.

Wanglaoji has attracted a lot of attention on the Internet by taking advantage of the All-star Vlog Contest and with the help pf hundreds of entertainment stars who attract their fans’ attention to the hot topic of the contest, and to Wanglaoji as well.

At last, Ye Jizeng, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health, Wang Yajuan, senior vice president of Weibo, Chen Yiyi, general manager of Sina Entertainment, and Yinger, a popular star, came to the stage to officially launch Wanglaoji•`Weibo All-Star Vlog Contest.

Nine stars, including Zhang Yixing, Zhou Dongyu, Jin Chen and Yin Zheng, will take turns to participate in the contest and upload their customized Vlogs on the themes of “discovery", "sharing" and "life" to demonstrate their life attitude as well as Wanglaoji’s brand concept, which will enhance Wanglaoji’s brand preference, expand the herbal tea consumption scenario and create a content ecosystem integrating brand, platform, stars and users.

In addition to the contest, this summer, Wanglaoji has implemented all-round marketing strategies that focus on young people's consumption scenarios and preferences, making this summer an excellent opportunity for young people-targeted marketing. With the brand strategy of "fashion, technology, culture", Wanglaoji has made new breakthroughs aiming at the new generation market. Wanglaoji chooses "the hotter the weather is, the more I want to go out” as the brand theme for this summer, chooses Zhang Yixing and Zhou Dongyu as brand endorsers, works with Weibo to launch the Vlog contest, cooperates with Tik Tok to initiate the 2019 Watch Music scheme to look for and support original musicians.

Under the new brand attitude, Wanglaoji continues to broaden the consumption scenes of its herbal tea and encourages everyone to "go out" to discover the beautiful things in life and realize dreams with more diverse, younger and more fashionable concepts as well as sports challenges, outings and artistic creation, etc.

This summer, record your hobbies with Vlog. Go to Weibo and search "All-Star Vlog Contest" and join us.