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Xiaoji Returning Home , aDream of Better Tommorrow

2019-05-29 99 browsing

Xiaoji Returning Home-All the Employees of Qiandong Office of Yun-Gui Department of the Second Sales Department of Wanglaoji Returning Home

In 2019, Xiaoji finally returned home! As a corporate brand project created by the human resources department-"Xiaoji returning home" has attracted much attention! Qiandong Office, an excellent office with 140 employees, returned home first.

"Fly without fear

Xiaoji returns home with pride

We will never forget the direction we are heading forward

The road is bumpy but we keep forging ahead

New products have been produced and we are full of hope

It is our faith that we never give up”

Qiandong Office employees adapted the lyrics and shot MV to present a gift to the big family.

This is the lyrics that Qiandong Office adapted for this activity and all the employees in the office shot MV as a gift for their returning home.

"We are going home", the news of going home made all the employees in Qiandong office full of joy and excitement. “Returning home” is not only a honor but also a tender feeling that emboldens the whole company to forge ahead without any fear.

Early in the morning, all the employees of Qiandong office crossed the Guangzhou city, which made the city more beautiful with their red uniform. Their self-confidence and calm spirit won the admiration and praise of passers-by. 

The company's leaders have always attached great importance to employees returning to the headquarter. Wu Huinan, secretary of the company's Party committee, Zhao Min, deputy general manager, Ye Jizeng, assistant general manager, Wang Ping, deputy general manager of the marketing center and director of the second sales department, Li Huizhi, director of the marketing operation department, Liu Tao, director of the marketing department, Yun Gui, director of the marketing department, Feng Wenxu, deputy director of the marketing operation department, Wu Lanlan, deputy director of the marketing operation department Li Xupeng and other leaders attended the meeting and discussed with all the employees of the office about the company's development over the years and its future development direction. They encouraged all the employees to continue to struggle in good times and resist pressure in adversity. They requested that first, they should spare no efforts to promote "Chinese Auspicious Culture" by accurately analyzing folk customs; second, they should increase the market share of PET; third, they should continue to expand the market of caragana spinosa beverage; fourth, they should continue to do their ground work well; fifth, they should keep learning.

Manager Li Jihua shared the experience and future planning of the office.

Thanks to the efforts of all employees, Qiandong office has doubled its revenue in the past three years. Its good performance embodies the office's spirit of never giving up and constantly making progress. Li Jihua, the office manager shared the experience and future plans of the office: in terms of team building, all management personnel are required to lead teams and become responsible leaders to solve problems and build responsible and struggling teams; in terms of achievement, eliminate dealers with inferior performances and promote those with superior performances, create a gift consumption market in an all-round way, learn to solve problems in development, and make use of regional advantages to gain momentum for development; in terms of future planning, carry out work surrounding the four “comprehensives”, build a gift consumption market in an all-round way, improve the professional level of the business team in an all-round way, work in accordance with laws and regulations, and standardize the price system of various channels. Finally, the office will spare no efforts to make Wanglaoji the fourth name card for Guizhou province.

In addition, Chen Tingwu, Ye Hui and Yu Zheng, managers of the office and Liu Qin and Li Banglin, employees representatives, shared their growth experiences in the company over the years. They all mentioned a word-"struggle" and set forth the goal of making the big family better and better through struggle.

Qiandong office has a lively, self-disciplined, passionate and calm temperament. Most importantly, it has a spirit of never giving up, which is touching. The two-day discussion and training sessions have come to a successful end! It is short, but the road ahead is long. May you continue to fight for the big family and scale new heights in the future!

Returning home is an honor and a pride.