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Focusing on the Approach to Success in the New Era of Globalization, Wanglaoji's New Products Shot to Fame in

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From July 1 to 3, the 13th Annual Meeting of New Leaders of the World Economic Forum (Summer Davos) with the theme of "Leadership 4.0: Winning the New Era of Globalization" was held in Dalian. Li Chuyuan, Chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings, attended the Forum for the 10th time with the Guangzhou delegation to draw the blueprint for economic development together.

On the night of July 2, "Guangzhou Night", an activity for the 2019 Summer Davos hosted by Guangzhou municipal government was held ceremoniously. Relevant leaders of government departments, senior executives of global enterprises, experts and scholars attended the event to feast their eyes on the Lingnan culture. As a "name card” of Guangzhou, Wanglaoji takes its new products of Caragana, Jasmine Herbal Tea and Black Herbal Tea to "Guangzhou Night", inviting people all over the world to enjoy the new herbal tea products.

Wanglaoji takes its new products of Caragana, Jasmine Herbal Tea and Black Herbal Tea to "Guangzhou Night"

Standing out at "Guangzhou Night", Wanglaoji’s new products won praise of the guests

This year's "Guangzhou Night" integrates science and technology with humanity and provides full coverage of 5G signal to demonstrate an open, inclusive, pragmatic, innovative and vigorous Guangzhou to the world. Originating from the Lingnan culture, Wanglaoji takes Caragana, Jasmine Herbal Tea, 1828 Can, sugar-free fine herbal tea, black herbal tea and other vigorous new herbal tea products to the event. Their unique packaging and taste made the guests find themselves in am entirely new world. The guests tasted these new products while watching wonderful performances and they all praised the "Guangzhou flavor".

Wanglaoji takes jasmine herbal tea and caragana spinosa to "Guangzhou Night"

Since the brand was born in 1828, Wanglaoji has been keeping pace with the times by adhering to the mission of "making the world more auspicious". After more than 190 years of development, Wanglaoji has now won more than 70% of the global herbal tea market share and is one of the world's beverage giants with the richest product line.

The products of jasmine herbal tea and caragana spinosa presented in Davos this time are Wanglaoji's latest products. The jasmine herbal tea perfectly integrates the taste of jasmine tea and herbal tea and its natural taste and fashionable packaging have completely changed people’s impression of traditional herbal tea products. All the guests at the “Guangzhou Night” praised the products as “representatives of fresh herbal tea”. The caragana spinosa compound fruit juice is a brand-new product Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings produced to assist the development of Guizhou by using Rosa Roxburghii Tratt,a healthy local fruit in Guizhou rich in vitamin C and with sweet and sour taste, as the raw material. Drink these herbal tea while eating delicious Guangzhou specialties, what a pleasure!

These two products made a great success after they shone in Guangzhou Night. It once again demonstrates to the world that Wanglaoji dares to innovate and is good at innovation.

Calling for the New "Leadership 4.0" Wanglaoji Explores Ways to Succeed in the New Era

Seeking people-oriented, inclusive and sustainable solutions under globalization is the main theme of this summer's Davos Forum. Wanglaoji actively explores the opportunities and rises up to the challenges in the herbal tea industry and demonstrates ways to succeed in the new era.

At present, Wanglaoji is assisting the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which has made Wanglaoji an outstanding representative of innovative development in the new era among China's time-honored brands. In terms of science and technology, the "Chinese Herbal Medicine DNA Bar Code Species Identification System" has won the second prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress. In terms of product research and development, the stunning appearance of the new products and the concept of "fashionable traditional Chinese medicine" has attracted the attention of more and more consumers.

"Chinese Herbal Medicine DNA Bar Code Species Identification System" has won the second prize of National Award for Science and Technology Progress.


As a century-old national brand, Wanglaoji keeps making appearances on the international stages. It has made appearances in Davos for five consecutive years and often appears in Boao Forum for Asia and Fortune Global Forum. "This year, we will set up a Wanglaoji Herbal Tea Museum in Japan and Wanglaoji Scholarship Program in Auckland University in New Zealand to promote industrial development with brand influence.” said Li Chuyuan, chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings, "Wanglaoji will continue to enhance its internationalization level through cultural exchanges."

Li Chuyuan, Chairman of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings, interviewed by the media at "Guangzhou Night" in Davos

The Project of Wanglaoji Herbal Tea Museum in Tokyo Officially Launched

Wanglaoji has done a pretty good job in achieving excellent results in the new era of globalization. As a representative of the internationalization of Chinese brands, Wanglaoji will actively embrace economic globalization and start a new journey for "the next 190 years" to realize its “Chinese dream for herbal tea”.