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Wanglaoji Attending Guangzhou Asian Food Festival to Create a New Bond between “Guangdong Cuisine + Wanglaoji” and the World

2019-05-21 146 browsing

On May 17, the "Food and Health Forum", one of the three major forums of Guangzhou Asian Food Festival organized by Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings under the leadership of  Guangzhou Municipal Health and Health Committee , was held in Guangzhou. The forum has salons on the themes of "Food and Health Culture", "Food Production and Traditional Cantonese Cuisine", "Herbal Tea, Food Materials, Medicinal Diet", etc.

The “herbal tea, food materials, medicinal diet” salon

On the same day, the forum on "Building Culture Brand of Lingnan Food and Promoting International Exchange and Cooperation among Cantonese Cuisine Masters" was held in Guangzhou which invited representatives of consulates of seven countries, industrial organizations from 15 countries, dozens of Cantonese cuisine masters and representatives from hundreds of universities and enterprises. This forum serves as a platform for international exchange and cooperation for "Guangdong Cuisine Master" project and has created opportunities for Lingnan culture to go to the world.

Wanglaoji, as the vice-chairman unit of Guangdong Cuisine Master Culture Promotion Association in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay area, held the salon of "Herbal Tea Culture and Chinese Auspicious Culture Exhibition" in the forum to promote Lingnan culture. As an invited guest, Zhao Min, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Health, delivered a speech on "Discussion on the Internationalization of Lingnan Food Culture", which provided new insights into the internationalization of Lingnan Food Culture.

"Creating Culture Brand of Lingnan Food to Promote International Exchange and Cooperation among Cantonese Cuisine Masters" Forum

Experts at Home and Abroad Gather to Talk about Lingnan Culture

With the implementation of the strategy of building Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Chinese food culture has become one of the important bridges between Asian civilization and world civilization. Guangdong's food culture has a long history and it performs similar function to “Belt and Road” Initiative. Cantonese cuisine and herbal tea are representatives of Lingnan food culture.

Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out in his speech at the "Food and Health Forum" that "reasonable diet is tge cornerstone for health. Guangzhou cuisine uses fine, diverse, delicate and fresh ingredients that are cooked thoroughly, making the food rich in oil but not too greasy. The cooking techniques are exquisite and varied. Many delicious specialties are cooked in this way."

Academician Zhong Nanshan Talking about Healthy Lifestyle

Ni Yidong, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and deputy general manager of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings, delivered a special speech on "Fashion Beverage and Herbal Tea Culture" at the "Food and Health Forum". He talked about the concept of "fashionable traditional Chinese medicine" adopted by Wanglaoji which produces healthy food products most needed by the general public with the most advanced scientific research technologies and through the most popular marketing strategies.

Deputy General Manager Ni Yidong of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings talking about Wanglaoji’s pursuit of fashionable development

Cantonese cuisine is characterized by health, delicacy and change, and is popular across China. Herbal tea has become a part of people's life because it is healthy and fashionable. Over the past 40 years since reform and opening up, Cantonese cuisine and herbal tea have always promoted the healthy development of Lingnan culture. The slogan of "Eating in Guangdong" is popular in China and the whole world.

In order to spread Lingnan culture to the world, Wanglaoji held the "Herbal Tea Culture and Chinese Auspicious Culture Exhibition" at the food festival to introduce Lingnan culture to Chinese and foreign guests through the four themes of traditional Chinese medicine culture, food culture, herbal tea culture and Chinese Auspicious Culture.

Exhibition of Wanglaoji Herbal Tea and Chinese Auspicious Culture

In addition, Wanglaoji set up a "Wanglaoji Healthy Life Hall" at the festival. Through the display and trial taste of sugar-free hardcover herbal tea, black herbal tea, coconut juice herbal tea, and caragana spinosa and the interaction activity of herbal tea making, Chinese and foreign guests could fully taste the Lingnan flavor.

Wanglaoji Healthy Life Hall

Guangdong Cuisine+Wanglaoji A New Bond Between China and the World

According to the 2017 report "Investigation and Research on the Status Quo of Overseas Awareness of Chinese Cuisine", Chinese cuisine has become the most representative cultural symbol of China among foreigners with a awareness rate of 53.5%. Lingnan food culture has become an important part of the Chinese food culture due to its special geographical feature and Cantonese cuisine and herbal tea can be viewed as the most characteristic name card for Lingnan culture.

Wanglaoji Products Displayed at Guangzhou Asian Food Festival

With global integration, cultural self-confidence, Belt and Road initiative, the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the increasing awareness of healthy consumption, Guangdong cuisine and Wanglaoji integrate with and learn from each other due to their similar cultural heritage, which plays an important role in promoting Lingnan cuisine culture to a wider world.

Zaho Min, deputy general manager of Wanglaoji, said at the forum that, “Guangdong cuisine and Wanglaoji have similar cultural heritage, same consumption scene and same demand for healthy diet. The two can integrate with each other to achieve maximum effect of cultural promotion. The creation of creative cuisines through their cooperation will be able to improve the efficacy of food and innovate the taste. At the same time, the creative combination of food which conforms to foreigners’ eating habits will provide new ideas for the overseas promotion of Chinese food."

Deputy General Manager Zhao Min Shared New Ideas of "Cantonese Cuisine+Wanglaoji"

Following the international exchange and cooperation for Guangdong cuisine masters forum, an international Cantonese cuisine master skill competition will be held in Guangzhou in which the “Wanglaoji +Cantonese cuisine Creative Cuisine Competition” will be held to attract more young people to innovate the Lingnan cuisine culture so as to achieve its diversified development.

From Lingnan to the world: Wanglaoji Creates the first cultural name card in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

In recent years, Wanglaoji has made great efforts in culture, trade and integrated development. It has registered trademarks in and exported products to 60 countries and regions around the world. It has become the first cultural name card in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

In terms of culture, Wanglaoji has always adhered to the concept of "culture first" and continuously spread herbal tea culture and Chinese Auspicious Culture around the world driven by its herbal tea museum. Wanglaoji will set up herbal tea museums in 56 cities around the world. At present, the museums in New York, Beijing, Guangzhou and Ya'an have been set up and the Japanese Herbal Tea Museum project is to be launched in April this year.

Wanglaoji Tokyo Museum Project Officially Launched

In terms of trade, based on the Chinese people’s awareness of herbal tea in the Chinese market overseas, Wanglaoji has been cultivating advantageous sales areas and continuously improving its overseas influence. At the same time, it has created model markets among mainstream European and American consumers that play an exemplary role in its aim to expand business in overseas markets.

At the Innovation and Development Conference celebrating its 190 anniversary, Wanglaoji put forward the idea of "making the world more auspicious" as its corporate vision. In the future, Wanglaoji will continue to make innovations and promote the strategy of "culture first" to spread Lingnan culture to overseas markets so that the world will fall in love with the Cantonese cuisine and Chinese herbal tea.